Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Green Closet

Ever heard people chant around " It's the most wonderful time of the year?"
During the Holiday season, of course...

All traditions put aside, I am sure, dear readers, that some of you might think of your closet cleaning session as the most wonderful PART of the season.
Come on, let's face it : Clothes in the Trash translate to new ones on the hanger. 

Throwing & Buying...
Ever thought of recycling?
Hear me out.

You find an odd pair of heels and tell yourself, "Ew, I wore you too many times."
Solution: Dye'em, clean them up. Bedazzle them?

Oh, that boring old sweater...
Ever thought of embellishing it with a cloche hat & a knitted scarf?

That blazer. That one blazer you believe you wore over one thousand times. It's constantly there. 
How about changing the buttons? Changing the lining?

You may think of a coat as a challenging piece to give a makeover to.
Be creative. Don't challenge the piece, challenge your mind.

What is Vintage...Really?

Fine, the whole "old" thing, gone through a few generations...
But really...the way I see it? 
A piece that has lived more than one life. By life I mean look.

Remember, trendy readers, you decide.

After all, mother nature wants us to recycle, right?


JKal -xo

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