Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Historical 2.55

I think of my 21st year as a fashionable statement year. The year I purchased my very own 2.55. The famous bag. 
But this started way before 2012...

In the 20's, Chanel had a character of her own. She decided to free herself from typical clutches and decided to start carrying a handbag. 
This thought eventually became the successful 2.55

What inspired her?

She wanted women to attend social functions with "fashionable ease". 
And here it is... The first statement. 
The double chain shoulder strap. Those chains (same ones as we see today) were attached by leather-threaded chain inserted through metal 

What do we have next?
Something must have inspired her to lead her to such style. The convent she grew up in as an orphan. The nuns use to hold their keys at their waist dangling from the same type of chains as the 2.55 shoulder strap chains.

The thin straps were inspired by the straps found on soldiers' bags.
The backside pocket for money she used to store, without anyone knowing.
Linings represent the colours of the uniforms at the convent.

Ever noticed, dear Chanel owners, the zippered compartment at the inside of the front flap? Oh we all know that it wasn't just for the sake of decorative purposes. That is where Coco stored her love letters.
A woman that successful had to have an easy access to monetary storage. That's where the back outside flap came in handy.

Oh, I know. You must be wondering, CC's? The famous logo we see on the quilted bags?
The bag originally came with a front lock called " the Mademoiselle Lock" (reference to Coco Chanel not being married)
Then the 80's came along & versions with locks in the shape of a double CC logo, what we know as today, the Classic Flaps.

& last but not least, the entire quilted voluminous look of the 2.55 : diamond/herringbone pattern on the exterior. She got inspired with that one. From pillows that were decorating her couch to riding coats.

You see, dear readers....
This isn't just a "bag". Well, to me at least.

I am a firm believer in owing respect to those who changed the world in any way possible.
I simply decided to cherish the gifted ones in the Fashion world.
Don't blame me. After all, I am who I am (most part of me)today because of the example I take on those "people" I choose to talk about. 
In the end, you just need to remember one simple thing: you choose who & what you want to be...
& your inspirations will & should be endless...


JKal -xo

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