Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Next Step

It's a question of comfort. We all have some sort of comfort zone when it comes to clothing. 
I tend to think of mine as different. Ah yes, that word(btw)will appear many times throughout this blog. It is one of my key words for style.

Let's go back to what I was typing about... This whole "comfort zone". So... what is it exactly? You keep wearing the same thing thinking you can never find anything else similar to that, right? Or... is it maybe the fact that "nothing else exists for you?"
I highly doubt that.

We all have that fav. piece of ours. That one piece that will never be able to throw out and wear endlessly. 

It's ok. You like it. But do you really need to wear it the same way constantly? You're probably fed up as well but keep repeating it...

Ladies, let go of the fear of needing to shop for a new shirt or a new pair of denims. 
I have some of my fav' pieces that I can't let go of either.

This is where my favourite word comes in handy: ACCESSORIZE !

Shirts & Sweaters are worn more than once. 
Simple. Here are my key words:
- scarves
- necklaces
- gloves
-Waist belts

Denims & Trouser :
- Stop hiding your heels & pair 'em up
- A colourful pair of flats will seal the deal
-Believe it or not, a purse makes the whole difference 
(PS: matching your shoes with your purse? Cross that idea out)

I'm not a big fan of associating pictures with words. 
It's simple. We all need to challenge ourselves from time to time and picture things our own way. I may not be an expert, but I can only help you and shout out my personal ideas...


JKal -xo


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    1. Sure did ! Love your blog! All the best!!!

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