Friday, 4 January 2013


New Year, New Organization.
In my personal opinion, here are some essentials that should be present in your stylish environment at all time:

 In a Woman's Closet

1- Basic Flats
A pair you can wear with your denims, dress pants, a skirt or even a dress on those lazy days you deny your strength for heels.
2- Fitted Blazer
You can wear this timeless piece with pretty much anything. Pair it up with some drop down earrings or small studs. With a scarf &/or a hat.
3- A Scarf
Never enough of these! From cotton to cashmere, this accessory can change the entire outift!
4- Statement Jewels
Give a little life to the outfit!
5- Little Black Dress
It always saves the day!
6- Black Skirt
Chic & Classy.
7- A solid pair of heels
Medium height is always more secure.
8- A good pair of denims
A dark wash can do both: Chic & Casual.
9- Tall Boots
Count on them for lean legs & the perfect addition to your look!

          In your Purse

 1- A medium-sized wallet
Make sure it's big enough for all of your cards & coins to fit in!
 2- Daily Planner
Women tend to overbook. Keep track of your routine with this!
 3-Makeup bag 
Touch up where ever you go & always have a gloss in your purse!
 4- A strap on your purse
If you're leaving for the day, always make sure to carry a comfy tote with you.
 5- Your shades
Protect yourself.
 6- Lip balm
I can't possibly imagine a day without Esos.
 7- Your phone
Do we ever leave without it?

In your Powder Room

 1- Your nail polish 
  Who doesn't need a manicure kit?
 2- Scented  Potpourri
    Give the room a vintage smell. After all, it's your fifteen minute escapade.
 3-Scrubs & Exfoliators
A must-have. Make sure to scrub your face twice a week and exfoliate your whole body!
 4- Your signature Perfume
They say that if you don't smell the scent on you, the perfume is made for you!
 5- Your vintage accessories
Combine your mirror, hairbrush & pins on a vintage tray!
 6- Facial & Body Creams
 Don't overdue it for facial creams. Stick to neutral scents. The body, on the other hand, has no limit. From strawberry to coconut, splurge into the one that suits you!

In a Man's Closet

1- Timeless Sunglasses
I always thought it gives a man a look.
2- Basic Tees
Let's admit it, men always search for comfort.
3- A Tie & Pocket Scarf
Small accessories can make a big difference.
4- Classic Watch
Gentlemen need to be punctual.
5- Fitted Suit (2 or 3 piece)
Every man needs one in his closet.
6- A pair of denims
Just like a woman's essential, a dark denim can be casual & clean.
7- Dress shirts
A necessity. Easy for them, they can simply alternate in colours & have a brand new look.
8- Cologne
Screams power.
9- Casual Sneakers
The laid back look can be just as fashionable.

Remember, recycling pieces can be just as fun as buying new ones!
Enjoy building your new environment! 

JKal -xo

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