Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Chic of the Week

It's ThrowBackThursday dear readers.
Hope you're having a stylish week!

For those who have been reading my blog religiously, you probably noticed that I never introduced Hollywood stars in my articles. Reason being is that I consider that as "standard blogging". My goal is to mainly use basic photography throughout my entire blog for you to get more acquainted with the actual article rather than constantly being inspired through pictures.
Leave some for your imagination...

I am making an exception today because I want to share my current inspiration of the week.
Reese Witherspoon is a known actress who marked her trait with simplicity.

This particular outfit she pulled off on the streets of LA remarkably stood out as soon as I came across it. She accentuated this look by colorblocking black and white with gold. In my personal opinion, the bag and the flats highlight this chic allure.
To summarize it?
Feminine - Simple & Well-put

A simple look is easy to maintain without any effort needed. (Ps: this should be your goal for every outfit)
You absolutely need to feel confident looking simple.
Remember, less can be more BUT...more of you just feels so much better! Right?

Here are some tools to help you ace this fabulous look.

Let's not follow head-to-toe. What do you say about toe-to-head?
Find a statement piece in your look. For example, rock it with some Shoes.
Work your way up but finding a great deal on fitted Black Crops.
Let's most certainly not forget the "it" Bag that you'll be holding on to.
A simple Sweater is always a safe choice. If you need an extra punch, add a brooch or handmade pin.
An all-you-can-wear-with Bangle is great company to have.

Here's a little challenge...
What would you add to this look to make it more original?
Send your tips over on JKal's Facebook Page or comment below.

 Believe.  Dress.  Inspire.

                                                                                JKal -xo 

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