Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Palettes of ' Thirteen


As you all know, the Fashion Year is typically cut in two:
- Spring/Summer
- Fall/Winter

Luckily, we are slowly getting out of this winter misery where we dislike 9 outfits out of 10 due to our snowy Boot/Coat looks.

Although Fall is my favourite season, I get very excited to get my Spring/Summer clothes out of my closet because of all the bright colours I get to mix & match with my all year long pieces.

2013 is slowly brightening up by giving us the opportunity to spice up our wardrobe with these fabulous trendy colours:

      FOR MR. &  MS.

Keep in mind 2 rules to follow in the opening of a new season:

- Recycle Your Basics
- Spend Less

Ladies & Gents, I suggest you to work in the following order:

1. Clean your closet.
You both have closets to clean on a seasonal basis.
Women tend to forget what they bought and men don't seem to always realize that they are missing certain basics.
2. Study your budget.
You're not buying a new wardrobe.
Purchase small items that can change your look at a low cost.
You don't need to necessarily splurge in a new jacket or heels.
A simple coloured clutch or scarf can do the trick.
3. Explore the online world & mall madness.
Browse around before you suffer from impulsive purchases.
Try and make yourself a Wish List.
4.Buy your urgent pieces first.
By urgent, I mean new pants, blazers, shirts and shoes (if they got damaged in '12.)
5.Pick not more than five statement accessories.
For her: Cool Warm coloured sweaters and shirts will pair up nicely with neutral-tone blazers and cardigans.Brighten up your look with a lemon zest clutch or a nectarine collar necklace.
For him: Warm Cool coloured cotton/linen scarves would be ideal: you can throw ' em on any outfit.
For the preppy gents that want to spice up their look, try and invest in a classy pair of monaco blue loafers. Or better yet, challenge yourself with poppy red or dusk blue.
6. Trend the above.
Once you've accomplished the above, find your personal touch with these colour palettes.

Here are some accessories I am currently eyeing ladies, before the real season begins:

Suede Reva
Kenly Scarf
Before the hot sun rises
Chunky Lock

Gentlemen, take a look:
Driving Red
Micro Dots
Early Spring Zip
Silk Pocket

Just remember to add your touch.

Within these ten beautiful colours, Emerald seems to seal the deal for this season!
Seen on every runway, it is the hottest shade of the year.
I believe it is a rich & radiant colour of elegance that can reach everyone's skin tone.
Now the real question is... How will you rock this colour?

Comment & we'll discuss!

Browse. Shop. & Trend SS

JKal -xo

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