Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The S Resolutions

Happy New Year my stylish readers!
Hope you all had fabulous Christmas Holidays.

So it's tradition to have a New Year's resolution. Think of it as a challenge

Here are my
New Year's S Resolutions

1. Study hard.
2. Shop smartly
3. Survive the exercise challenge
4. Save more : Travel More.
5. Say I Love you to the people that matter.

I do admit that it's often hard to follow resolutions.
If you have the "giving up" bone in your body, try and remind yourself every day what you will gain by sticking to those resolutions. 
Set yourself daily reminders on your phone or better yet, print pictures that will remind you where you want to be.
Anything helps.

Give yourself a big push. Next thing you know you'll be telling people about the great year you've had. 

Wishing everyone a happy challenge & exciting twelve months to come!

JKal -xo

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