Thursday, 17 January 2013

Waiting for Eight

So much is happening in so little time!
Keeping track of your calendar is important in order to
A) Have an exciting countdown
B) Plan your budget accordingly
C) Organize yourself a few days in advance
D) *Plan your outfits*

I am currently looking forward to the following:

1-  Fashion Week
There is nothing more mesmerizing than experiencing the view of a new collection. I will be attending Symbiose by Hinda A., Nisse & Matiere Noire. 

2-  Attending a fabulous wedding
My beautiful cousin is getting married in the beginning of February. Truth be told, I never attended a Winter wedding. Being part of a precious day will be forever memorable.

3-  A little mail 
For the people who know me on a personal level, they know I pick online vs. store. Surprisingly, I can technically purchase a dozen new original items and spend the same amount that I would on a regular cotton sweater in the same store we keep revisiting.

4-  Valentine's
I dislike this event. That's exactly why I love celebrating it in the most unusual way: you would never possibly guess it's a "heart" day. Speaking of, can someone please remind me why there is only one day in the year when we must shout out the words I love you?

5-  Road Trip
I am so excited to go on a road trip with my best friend. Given the fact that she no longer lives a ten minute car ride away from me, hours on the road will not be a big deal. We will be attending our favourite singer's concert. Between our laughs and indulgence in our favourite traditions, there is no one I would rather share this experience with than her. 
"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."-Aristotle

6-  School Projects
The thing about Fashion School is that everything is left to your creativity. Putting your own personality and touch on paper and screen can be excitingly challenging.

7-  Celebrating a bundle of joy
There is nothing warmer to the heart than being reunited with your entire family. It is only a matter of time before we gather up and celebrate a baby girl's christening: the newest member of our family.
"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
-George Bernard Shaw

8-  Air purchase
I cannot emphasize enough on SUMMER. I will finally be traveling to my homeland, Croatia. A place that I call home, no matter how far away it is from me.

& what are your plans?

                                                                                                  JKal -xo 


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