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Montreal Fashion Week - Day2: Symbiose by Hinda A. & Nisse

My dearest Fashion followers from all around the world, 

Montreal is currently hosting its 24th Fashion Week at l'Arsenal.
With an arctic wind chill outdoors, the Fall/Winter 2013 edition got off to a bright start at the cavernous Arsenal Montreal Fashion Week gallery. By bright, I mean a whole lot' of colours, colour blocking and texture. 
Let's just say I did not only get the cold chills from the temperature, but also from those fabulous looks that were being walked down the runway.

As a full time Fashion Marketing student, I do not have the chance to attend all the shows but let me tell you that I made the best out the two I've seen at Day 2.

I had the pleasure of attending Symbiose by Hinda A. and Nisse.

Symbiose by Hinda A.

It was the first time I saw this designer showcase her collection in Montreal. She brightened up the entire room by creating colourful pieces from head to toe. By reading her exotic biography beforehand, I was able to understand the use of bright colours in her line. Hinda was born in Tunisia and grew up in France where she had the opportunity to develop her true and impeccable passion: Fashion. She graduated in 2002 from the Montreal Academy of Design and Technology and launched her first line in 2005. According to her biography, a blend of fine living, art and fashion are the inspiration behind Symbiose. 


All photos taken here

In her Fall/Winter'13 collection, Hinda sticked to brights and colour blocking outfits. She kept a feminine touch on all of her pieces including her fitted dresses and use of silk in her two-piece outfits. Her line is made of fluid and natural fabrics that define a woman's silhouette by giving a simple yet chic style at the same time.
Her theme colours were purple, semi-cerrulean/royal blue & pink.
One things is for sure, she wasn't afraid to play around rich colours. I also felt a 70s vibe during the show with the graphics and modern texture in her clothes.
By staying focused (eyes on the runway), I was able to catch a video of the ending. Take a look at the atmosphere Montrealers had.

Videos: ©jkvintageaffair


With a thirty minute interval between both shows, I felt I was brought to another world. I did not feel like thirty minutes have passed by, but another decade. Nisse's collection was totally different than Hinda's colourful show.  Let's start by introducing the designer.

Nisse was launched in 2004 in Istanbul by native Montrealer Nargisse E. Akyuz. The theme behind her clothes scream urban and chic modern poetic appeal. Since December 2011, the ready-to-wear line can be found in the designer's retail location on Montreal's St-Denis Street.


All photos taken here

Two words: Feminine & Classy. These two words can literally define the entire show. I was mesmerized how this designer added a perfect touch of modernity to each piece and made it look wearable for any stylish and independent woman. Let's be honest, we don't usually see ourselves wearing every single outfit that is shown and walked down the runway. Nisse added a touch of men's Fashion and used soft fabrics. From vibrant head-to-toe red to earth tone shades of chocolate, brown, taupe, cream and burnt orange, chic tailoring was seen on every model. 
Once again, take a quick look at the ending:


Videos: ©jkvintageaffair

* * *

What impressed me the most in these two shows (and others) was the dare-devil attitude every designer had. If you pay attention to every designer's Fall/Winter line, you are most likely going to notice different signatures that catch your eye. Whether it is the usage of fabric or colour, they all have a different perception of Fall/Winter 13 rather than sticking to worldwide upcoming trends. To be honest, this is what I love about Montreal. It is so diverse in culture, lifestyle and FASHION that you can create your own affair and be rocking it at the same time.

May you all have a fabulous week.
Enjoy the LAST MFW tomorrow, February 7th.

For more information on Montreal Fashion Week & its shows, click here.

                                                                               JKal -xo 

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