Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A new found e-gem

When you're up late at night accompanied by your double shot of espresso you can either:
A) Move around and burst your energy out
B) Do like me: SHOP ONLINE

For those who know me well know that I'm a true jewelry hunter. I always have my eyes set on the next big piece I'll make part of my collection. I have no limits when it comes to jewelry. I believe that a piece of accessory can truly bring your whole outfit on another level.

This important term we call "accessory" is what brought me to write an article on my latest purchase.

I've recently been visiting quite a few blogs and stumbled upon a few bloggers that wore jewelry from T+J. This is where it all began...

My eyes were instantly set on my screen and tuned out everything that was around me. 

Two sisters, Tiffany & Jen decided to dive into the sparkling world and offer nothing but original yet subtle pieces to their worldwide clientele. T&J offers fashionable and affordable pieces that can be shipped to your door in less than 14 days. Prices may vary between 10.00$ - 100.00$. 

My first purchased piece from this fabulous website was this chic gold mixed chain link bracelet. (Certainly not my last)

This jewel was surprisingly set at 15.00$ but barely costed me 13.00$ because of the 10.00$ you get off on your first purchase! (Shipping costs less than 10.00$!!)

Ladies, all there is left for me to say is

Shop. Splurge & Accessorize

                                                                                                              JKal -xo.


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