Sunday, 3 March 2013

Birthday Blues

Hello readers,

I definitely experienced a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter and my best girlfriends by my side.
But... I did get the Birthday Blues. I'm talking about Fashion, of course! Getting the real blues is still too early! Don't we all agree?

A very dear friend of mine and I share the same birthday. With that said, the fun obviously doubled up. Our treasure of five definitely took advantage of the fact that we were all gathered together at the same time, same day & same location. With our busy schedules & being located in different cities, we sure made a day out of this early birthday celebration!

We started the day bright and early with the perfect breakfast ambiance at Universel. As we laughed continuously between our bites and sips of coffee, we experienced some delicious delights and witnessed some great service at this hipster-chic downtown restaurant. 

We then continued our day the way any typical downtown woman would: Shopped 'til we dropped. As for my daytime outfit, I decide to play around colour and texture. I paired up a pair of forest green cotton pants with a sheer black 3/4 sleeve shirt. As I was getting dressed in the morning, I looked at myself and definitely thought something was missing. I then paired the two pieces up with a sleeveless denim vest, an elastic gold studded waist belt and added the final golden touch with a necklace. Who ever said you can't play dress up during the day?

The girls certainly surprised us when supper time arrived. The location of the reservations were kept anonymous until our arrival. We were then caught off guard as we parked in front of a Japanese restaurant. We were promised a different kind of culinary experienced. To tell you the truth, it was.

The girls treated us to Beni Hana and without a doubt chose one of the best dinner spots in town. We had the pleasure of experiencing a chef prepare a meal right at our table. As I was looking over other tables, the idea that exotic Japanese dishes could be blended with a dazzling chef performance was a radical one, but it was one that became Beni Hana's signature recipe for a great gastronomic experience. It is one I wish to involve myself in again.

Once again, I decided to play around with colours for my night time attire. This time, I played with the same colour. I decided to wear colour on colour and chose royal blue as my Fashion victim. I paired up a three dimensional floral effect dress from H&M's garden collection with a cotton blazer. The satin lining of this beauty that I happen to collect many of, was the ultimate statement on that piece. Jewels were certainly of no ignorance and size limit. The donut bun made it that much easier to move around the whole night and keep a classy touch to the outfit.

We ended the night in downtown Montreal surrounded by great music and memories we will forever hold on to.

" Friendship isn't a big thing. It is a million little things."

                                                                                JKal -xo

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