Monday, 25 March 2013

Operation Closet

Hello readers,

As the weather is getting warmer, you should put the same amount of sun and fresh air in your closet.

As an avid shopper, I owe it to my closet to keep it organized and clean my space and freshen it up at least once every 4-6 weeks. Here are a few tips for getting your closet in order to kick off your spring cleaning:

Every month
ask yourself the following questions:

* Can I find my clothes easily?
* Are all the groups of clothes together? (Shoes - Blazers - Pants - Etc.)
* Is everything folded accordingly?

I try to organize my hanging pieces by "grouping cuts". I love seeing all of my blazers placed on one side, dresses on the other and my pants, tops and cardigans in between. When I'm in a rush, I definitely know where to look first. It is important to reorganize your closet at least once a month before you start asking yourself "where you lost your shirt".

(Garbage Bag->Throw out - Camera & Phone->Confirm with your girlfriends - Mirror->Final decision maker)

2-3 times a year:
Go through a major clean

A couple of times a year, I try everything I have and see what fits and what is to trash out. When you're standing in front of the mirror for ten minutes asking yourself whether the piece is a keeper or not, I'd definitely lean towards the no. Stay clutter-free. Or better yet... bring a few girlfriends over and create your own version of a "What not to wear" intervention. 

Or BETTER yet . . . 

You can also donate the clothes and make it your good cause/gesture of the month!

Maybe I overexagerate, maybe I don't. But I do believe that you should treat your clothes with great respect and take care of them as much as you would take care of of anything else of great value in your home. If you want your clothes to stay nice, it is your duty to have the appropriate washing and caring methods.

When you're done cleaning your closet and feel ready to fill it with some Spring goods, here are a few ideas that I've put together that can lead you a fashionable season:

This Spring is filled with colour blocking, texture, shapes, prints and accentuated colours. Make sure to find pieces that suit you at your best comfort and taste.

Happy Cleaning!
JKal -xo.


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  2. Great tips because I desperately need to clear out my closet. But the silver lining is you get to refill it with new goodies!
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