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I had the honour of being one of April's panelist for the Fashion Unfold event on Twitter. Every month, FU creates a debate over a hot fashion topic where you can join and share your opinions on the subject via the #fashionunfold hashtag. Creative director of Fashion[Unfold}, Miss Sly , asked me to put together a quick bio of myself and my blog and to share my thoughts on April's topic...

Quick & Easy Bio:
A 22 year old fashion blogger majoring in buying in the Fashion Marketing program of LaSalle College. Always on the hunt for the next statement accessory. Loves to indulge in a limitless amount of macaroons and Vogue issues. Fictitiously in love with Bradsahw & hangs on a perennial love affair with Hepburn. Of course, all this is caped off with an eternal love story with Coco Chanel.

JKal's Vintage Affair:
Where Vintage meets the new era. A blog that describes the image of personal fashion through words of wisdom and inspiration. An escapade to elegance and personality.

"Cheap-Chic & Fast Fashion: Is Fashion Blogging making Fashion more unsustainable?"

"Fashion has a way of easily tricking us through its fast trend pace. Nowadays, many followers rely on bloggers to get a taste of the season’s latest trends and hottest items to own. This is where the community gets confused between fashion bloggers and fashion cosmopolitan accessible leading groups such as magazines, for example. The major difference between these two fashion go-to’s is the influence they both have on their audience. Fashion blogging is not a trendsetting tool. It is considered as a fashion sharing industry where each blogger communicates with its audience through its inspiring outfits, trends, to name a few. Bloggers should not be considered as victims of fashion being so unsustainable due to the fact that it is based on self-knowledge and expression. Contrary to what society might think, bloggers do often recycle their pieces and have the gift to revamp it in a totally different allure. To my belief, retailers, celebrities and high-end magazines make fashion unsustainable due to its constant change. It is a blogger’s duty to be able to show its audience how to incorporate current and basic trend together. I, for example, indulge in pieces that are not seen in a current magazine issue. I tend to recycle my grandmother’s vintage crocodile snakeskin purse and style it with the latest pleather pants that are on the market. I always try to keep a percentage of my closet versatile and purchase trendsetting accessories to modernize my look. It is important not to build your personal style upon what you see but what you want people to see." -JKal

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To read more about this hot topic, you can find the panelists's opinions here & on Twitter via @fashionunfold & #fashionunfold.

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