Friday, 5 April 2013

Makeup Essentials

Hello readers,

A girl is always looking forward to her next facial beauty hunt. Whether it's finding the soothing moisturizer or getting her hands on the right bronzer, taking care of the "visage" is every woman's priority.

Aside from my face wash products, following are some of my beauty essentials :

1. Moisturizer + Base
A few months ago, during the cold Winter weather, my skin was getting very dry. I was struggling with finding the perfect moisturizer without testing too many on my skin (that's not good for you either). I stuck to the basic and most loyal moisturizer on the market: Aveeno. I moisturize my skin up to three times a day if I'm not out running errands. 
Before applying my makeup, I like to apply the Inglot makeup base which gives me a matte look and silky smooth finish. My makeup also lasts much longer without having to apply too much of it from the get go.

2. Bronzer + Blush
This is a tricky one. I suggest you really hunt well for these two products as it changes your entire face and its tone. You must find a soothing tone of bronzer and/or blush or even foundation (for those who use it). I usually don't use these product very often so I stick to basic brands and products. Luckily, I found an amazing and cheap one from Rimmel. You can find this brand at the drugstore. The fact that it has three shades of colour gives my face a golden touch without having to apply any additional product. When my tan hits, I try to avoid makeup and simply stick to my Estee Lauder blush and mascara.

3. Eyes
This is where you can start playing around with makeup. I often like to stay neutral with my eye makeup. Neutral shades in the golden/beige tones are often the key touch to my makeup session. The best tip to switch from a day to night time look is to re-coordinate your eye colour tone. Stick to neutrals during the day and rock the dark colours at night. Eyeliner always gives a darker glam to your look. Don't ever overdo it with your makeup. A girl must always stay natural looking without having to look like anyone else but herself.

4. Lips
Aside from all day long lip moisturizer, a lip gloss always gives more life. Stay sweet with your lips by adding lovely shades of pinks or rock a statement by applying a remarkable lipstick. I love to invest in great lip glosses and lipstick since they are more durable. A girl never wants to be re-touching her makeup all day long... (PS: Not nice for the public eye!)

In my opinion, always start with your basic makeup. Cover up whatever you need to hide and stick to it. Once you've establishes a great natural tone that suits you, you can then play around your eyes and lips. Starting right will lead you to a perfect and confident result!

Dress. Glam. & Love.

JKal -xo.


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