Saturday, 6 April 2013

Quick European escapade

Hello readers,

Earlier this week, I was invited to go for a downtown lunch on a fabulous (what I can officially call) Spring day. With the sun trespassing my shades and the usage of my Burberry trench, I felt like it was time to celebrate the beautiful weather. Nothing at the moment sounded better than having a quick European escapade in a fabulous upbeat Portuguese CafĂ©: Vasco de Gama.

de Gama is located on the corner of Peel Street & de Maisonneuve. This restaurant is certainly not judged by its size but by its unique and delicious meals that are made with market-fresh ingredients that are privately imported. This is in my opinion the go-to place whether you're in a rush, or taking the time to enjoy great company or settle down for a meeting.

Up until now, I would always stop by and enjoy the atmosphere over a shot of espresso. This time I ventured into the tasting of their exquisite sandwiches and side dishes.

Vasco de Gama screams Europe. From its store counter setting stacking authentic products to its marvellous culinary display, you will be lead to new discoveries and taste. Do as Europeans do & just enjoy yourself and the life you have around you!

Over the past few years, I have learned something very important that one must keep fresh in back of their mind...

Enjoy every little moment you have. Instantly, it may not seem as something big, but looking back at it will become a treasured moment you will forever hold on to. We all have our momentary "traffic". Don't live in the shadow of your life's traffic. You will then forget what life really is when its at its real speed.

Until next time, 



  1. Amazing outfit! And I love the pics:)

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