Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hello dears, 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Tell me something: why are weekends always so short? That question is definitely part of my unsolved mysteries. 

I agree that parties and gatherings are really fun, but so is relaxing from time to time. It is important to stay on the low-down every once in while in order to re-organize the little things such as your room, paperwork, clothes, anything really...

I took a break this weekend by rekindling  with the loved ones. Between the cozy and comfortable home settings and the atmosphere of the Old Port of Montreal laid a fabulous weekend that I wish to share with you...

Here are some of my favourite weekend snapshots: (Camera+Instagram)

Favourite Stroll + Accessory
Down Town errands + Tory Burch cross body bag

Favourite Bite
Macaroons from La Maison du Macaron

Favourite Spot

Restaurant Modavie, Live Jazz Band

Favourite Morning Accessory

Favourite Fresh Spring Refreshment

Favourite Outfit

Favourite Words

Any weekend favourites for you?


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  1. Great favourites!!!
    Wanna follow eachother?
    xoxo Ivana